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website design and development

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What's Web Development?

Website development and web development are the same thing. When someone looks at a website online in a browser, he can only see the appearance of the website, but no one can see the codes behind the website used to create the website.

And a web developer creates a website using different coding languages for defferent type of website. The programming languages they use depend on the type of tasks they are preforming and the platform they are working on.

Therefore: Websites that are created by coding through different programming languages are called website development and web development. Commonly used tools: Html5, Css3, Javascript, Node Js, Bootstrap.

Our Web Development Work.

Any business, no matter how big or little, needs to have a website. A poorly designed website can consign a business to failure, while a well-designed website can have a significant positive impact on corporate success. It is essential for this reason to choose a web design company that is knowledgeable in what it does.

High-quality and hassle free web design & development services are provided by AsibHasan. This company has more than 4 years of experience. Your firm will prosper thanks to the skillful website design work of the AsibHasan team.

We provide a difference of services, ranging from website design and development to SEO and internet marketing. With our wide range of custom features and options, you can also create a website that perfectly conveys your unique brand and personality.

AsibHasan's Web Design & Development Process


Step-1 :

Discuss Your Requirements

At this step, our web design team will take your requirements and provide suggestions to figure out the project's final goal. They will also approve the project's budget and complete any necessary confidential information to start your project.

Design Approval

We create a UI wireframe after completely understanding your project's requirements to make sure all elements, such as headers and tags, are placed according with the requirements of your business.


Step-2 :


Step-3 :

Development Integration

Once you are happy with the design demo, your professional web developer will use conventional methods and well-known programming languages like Javascript, PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, and.NET to translate the design into functionalities.

Quality Check

Your project is then sent to our quality department team, who will check out the functionality of forms and scripts, multiple browsers compatibility, and device responsiveness while utilizing a Bootstrap-friendly framework.


Step-4 :


Step-5 :

Demo & Maintenance

After that, our testing department team will show you a live demonstration using an FTP transfer program to upload website files to your server. To keep your website live, we can offer hosting services.
To make sure your site is always running, we also offer routine maintenance services. To continue to optimize website content continuously, our maintenance service additionally provides website management services.

We provide the following services as an industry leading in web design:

Custom website design

Each website needs unique design requirements, as our web designers are aware of. Your aims and brand standards will be taken into consideration while we develop the site. Every website that OuterBox makes is the product of our personally, creative design processes that are designed to make your website unique, visually appealing, and clear. Engaging your visitors and properly communicating your message on your website will increase the number of visitors who turn into loyal customers.

website design and development

Website wireframe creation and planning

Each web design project starts with the creation of the website architecture using a wireframe design method. You'll working closely with our creative digital marketing team to make sure that we've considered every necessary element for a successful website.

Competitor research

If you want to be successful online, you must first understand what your competitors are doing. We'll help you in figuring out what makes competitors successful so you can create a strategy to perform better than competitors.

Front-end HTML, CSS, Javascript development

We'll help you through a creative design process, but we also have a front-end development team on company that can create all of your HTML, CSS, and Javascript, making your website responsive to all devices.

Back-end website development

Our back-end development team and programmers are ready to do the challenge, whether you require completely customized functionality, data imports, or a CMS integration.

Coding for SEO-friendly web design and ongoing SEO plans

AsibHasan is a clear winner of SEO awards and an expert in this field. We integrate all of our SEO expertise into our websites to position you for a successful after the launch SEO strategy. You must rank on the top page of Google to get visitors to your website. To maximize your online potential, combine your expert website with our continuous SEO strategies.

Conversion focused design

The best kind of visitors are new ones, but sales and leads are even better! We highlight your CTAs (calls to action) through conversion-focused design and marketing. We'll create a website that converts visits into phone calls or online form fills, depending on your needs.

Content strategy and website copywriting

We provide website copywriting services that take your website to the next level. Engaging content will increase conversions, keep users on your website longer, and give you an advantage over competitors. Our content team is prepared to create a content strategy and assist you in putting it into practice for ongoing content.

CMS installation and setup

We are CMS setup experts and will guide your business in the proper direction. Our experience ranges from WordPress to advanced eCommerce CMS platforms. Additionally, we have experience with data integrations and CMS customizations.

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