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A selection of the top WordPress themes for food that will tastefully display (YUMMY!) recipes.

Always on the lookout for fresh themes.

I controlled my hunger in the same way that I scrutinized the exquisite designs for your speedy selection.

The majority of themes are designed for recipe directories that support front-end submissions, sophisticated recipe administration, etc. However, there are also ideal dining establishments and food-related websites and magazines.

WordPress themes for food of various kinds for preferences of various kinds.

They (ALL) offer top-notch quality, assistance, and documentation to make it simple to build your food website.

Guaranteed: By the end of the list, you’ll find the ideal tool.


Best WordPress Recipe for Food Themes

1. Jevelin

Jevelin is a reliable and contemporary WordPress theme for eating establishments. This theme was designed to make it simple to put up contemporary websites. Jevelin is incredibly adaptable and comes with a ton of template pages and demo websites that you can use with just one click.Jevelin is a favorite among bloggers because to its unrivaled depth and simplicity of modification. Jevelin also effortlessly specialized in a variety of markets.

Jevelin’s completely developed food blog samples are beloved by food bloggers, foodies, professional food critics, and related bloggers. Without any coding experience, you can swiftly install Jevelin’s many headers, footers, widgetized spaces, and customisable sections.

Gillion is a WordPress theme designed for creating stories, blogs, and magazines. It makes use of the Unyson framework and WPBakery page builder. It features more than 15 demos and allows for various adjustments.

Gillion has a well-designed admin panel, SEO, and speed optimization features. You will receive a top bar, an awesome header, and limitless colors! As a result, pages load quickly, have a responsive layout, and use minimal coding.

Take use of this theme’s numerous ready-to-use layout options and flexibility. Have fun using Gillion to organize your food news!

Even if this is your first time creating a website, you’ll find it simple to learn.


3. Soledad


Soledad is a simple and minimalist WordPress theme for culinary blogs and magazines. It is an all-encompassing, potent website construction solution for both professional and novice webmasters.

With a whopping 220+ thematically diverse and unique homepage website demos and 6,800+ permutations, Soledad has a lot going for it. With the powerful WordPress Live Customizer tool, which enables you to see the effects of your work as you develop your pages, you can quickly and easily create the website of your dreams.

Every time, create precisely what you want.

Soledad contains noteworthy blog functionality and features, block elements, and aspects that can significantly increase your blog’s usefulness.

Our preferred option for a culinary blog website is Soledad. Put Soledad to work and make them drool!

4. Foodica

A strong WordPress food blog theme is called Foodica. It can accommodate the demands of websites serving the food industry, food enthusiasts, and pretty much anything else relating to the preparation and enjoyment of food.

Every element of the theme is intended to please your audience and appeal to their senses.

With powerful capabilities like the ZOOM Framework, Visual Customizer, and Dynamic Homepage Builder, Foodica is incredibly adaptable and offers a plethora of customization tools that will let you quickly fine-tune your website.

There are many different widgets available to help you better engage your audience. One is an elite Instagram footer that you may use to reel in your preferred Instagram feeds or accounts and keep your website’s social media integration alive.

Foodica is so amazing that you can almost taste it.

5. MagPlus

A streamlined structure for assembling incisive contemporary publications. The MagPlus WordPress blog and magazine theme is imaginative and flexible. MagPlus provides all the features you need to stand out, plus it is flexible and adaptable.

You have access to 160+ elements, 40+ templates and demos, 20+ sliders, and more through The WPBakery.

MagPlus is adored by food critics, food bloggers, food and wine journals, and more. MagPlus always looks polished and tidy because to its cutting-edge widgets and efficient media management.

Despite high traffic volumes, MagPlus never misses a beat and loads pages extremely quickly. Improve your SEO to the highest standards (Google loves it) to reach a larger, worldwide audience. Grab MagPlus right now!

6. Ranna

If you are thinking about beginning a food blog, here is a WordPress theme to get you started right away. Four home pages and other inner layouts are available using Ranna, a complex and simple-to-use tool.

Ranna’s distinctive, appealing, and cutting-edge appearance appeals to a variety of preferences. Of course, you may further customize and alter it by turning on the Elementor page builder.

The latter allows you to use visual programming and avoid writing any code.

A mega menu, different header and footer styles, lazy loading, a slider, hover effects, sticky navigation, and a back to top button are all included in Ranna’s feature set.

However, this is still only a small percentage of the information you may use to your advantage to launch a fantastic food and recipe blog. Ranna can help you create a successful page right away.

7. Webify

Webify provides an amazing demo if you work in the food industry, especially the restaurant business. This WordPress theme for food organizes your web area in flair.

When you have Webify available at any moment, there is no need to start from scratch.

After carefully examining the sample, you will quickly get familiar with Webify’s strong features and capabilities.

Webify follows all of the most recent web development trends. It adapts quickly to any web browser and is responsive, versatile, and retina-friendly.

Additionally, Webify has pre-optimized versions for SEO and quick loading. Your restaurant business may reach new heights with exceptional Webify.

8. Organici

Organici is a distinctive and flexible WordPress theme for an organic food store and bakery. It is an elegantly created theme that makes it simple to set up online storefronts for their organic food items.

With 9 various home page variations, you can always find the ideal sample to convey the meaning and goal of your website.

The extensive feature set of Organici is intended to improve the end-user navigation experience for your organic food business.

The WooCommerce eCommerce plugin, which gives your website an additional layer of commercial capability, is supported by the theme. You can start marketing your products right away.

9. Jannah


A flexible WordPress theme is Jannah. Even though it may be used for many different purposes, a blog about food recipes works really well with this theme.

Jannah is adaptable to the user’s device and retina ready. Additionally, AMP compatibility ensures that your content is optimized for mobile.

You have the ability to simply establish and administrate forums using bbPress.

For social media, pagination, the weather, and other things, Jannah offers its own widgets.

Post list widgets display the most recent recipes, the most popular posts, etc. Jannah is your theme if cooking is your love.

10. PenNews

PenNews is a smart, clear, and flexible WordPress theme for news and magazine websites. This theme provides the resources to upgrade your blog.

With the WPBakery builder and more than 40 widgets, creating original layouts is simple.

With a few simple clicks, you can easily personalize PenNews blogs with advanced custom options. To make the most of PenNews, you don’t need to know a single line of code.

There are sophisticated features available, including auto-loading, social sharing counters, and more. Smart mobile loading increases efficiency with the help of Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles.

Perfect SEO will help you increase visitors, which you can then profit with infinite ad space. PenNews is the ideal place to expand your blog internationally.

11. TinySalt

With TinySalt, publishing a blog and exchanging food recipes are both a breeze. With 12+ home designs and 300+ theme possibilities, you may easily produce a result that fulfills your every wish.

No matter how skilled or experienced you are at creating blogs, you may still further style and customize TinySalt.

Additionally, TinySalt features a complete recipe management system, ensuring that sharing your culinary ideas is simple. All of your visitors have the ability to rate, share, and print your recipes.

Your culinary delights will be highlighted online with TinySalt, enticing everyone to experience them.

12. Foodhub

For cooking and recipes, Foodhub is a stylish WordPress theme. It has a very attractive design that primarily highlights your delectable goodies.

Everyone can find what they’re looking for quickly thanks to Foodhub’s outstanding navigation throughout your recipes. You may create a blog with Foodhub and expand your internet visibility.

Everyone can enjoy your recipes while traveling or cooking thanks to Foodhub’s mobile-friendly design. In addition to many other features, the Foodhub toolkit includes videos, testimonials, multiple headers, quick loading, and Contact Form 7 compatibility.

13. Becipe

Becipe makes it incredibly easy to mix blogging with your recipe and cooking ideas. It has a rather distinctive, minimalist design that is also imaginative.

This being the case, Becipe comes into play if you really want to stand out. Furthermore, any improvement you choose can be made using drag-and-drop technology. Everything, in other words, is programmable.

You get all of that and more with Becipe, including a sticky sidebar menu, a back-to-top button, carousels, Google Maps integration, and a contemporary recipe layout. A successful recipes blog debut will be aided by the support team’s welcoming disposition.

14. The Voux

Visit The Voux if you want to build a website devoted to the culinary arts.

The WPBakery plugin makes it simple for customers to customize their culinary websites.

To arrange and move things around the screen, use drag-and-drop software. Impressive full-screen galleries are available at The Voux, where you can display high-resolution pictures of your favorite meals.

When recipes are accompanied by images of the cuisine, they are unquestionably more enticing.

In just a few seconds, you can take advantage of a fully functional page.

15. Bridge

Whatever type of restaurant you operate, Bridge is a flexible theme that perfectly suits your requirements. Restaurants, quick food chains, catering companies, food blogs, and other ventures involving foods and beverages are best suited for this WordPress theme.

You may easily choose the ideal design for your website and have the opportunity to customize it to your needs and rules with the help of a sizable collection of demo content.

Bridge is a strong, adaptable, mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible theme that is suitable for both novices and experts. Anyone can create a fantastic, delectable, and scrumptious food website using drag and drop technology, which will help their business grow.

Bridge will provide you complete control over every aspect of your website, allowing you hassle-free management and upkeep.

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